It's me! yoyoloy!
hijack smut week day 5; blind au

jack reassuring blind!hiccup that he looks amazing and beautiful naked
its not even smut im sorry




When JR dances (again), Minron feels the embarrassment 2/2 ( つ▽╰) 


This is my favorite animated movie and I really had to share how adorable little Jack Frost is. :)

Movie: Rise of the Guardians


 The Most Beautiful And Colorful Houses 

1. Istanbul, Turkey

2. Mykonos, Greece

3. Rainbow House In Brooklyn

4. Rainbow House In Usa

5. Zamość, Poland

6. Colorful House In Nippes, Cologne, Germany

7.Carabanchel 24 Building In Madrid, Spain

8. Colorful House In San Francisco

9. Music Playing House Wall

10. A House That Should Really Be In The Land Of Oz